3DPrinting Services

3DPrinting Services

Please go to Home page upload your .stl or gcode file for a price quote click on: https://3dprintsohio.com

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3D Printing Service done in PLA color of Black. PLA color choices a request click on Contact US: https://3dprintsohio.com/contacts


This is What We Do

Some argue that 3D printing is the best thing that happened to the medical world since penicillin and lasers were invented.
Basically, a huge number of products that are used by doctors can be printed using the 3D technology.
With almost 10 years of experience in this young niche itself, we are as pro as they get!

3D Printing Service

With the options of what 3D can achieve ranging so far, it's only natural for it to become an integral partner for the medical industry!